Landscape Design Portfolio

Our landscape design portfolio is a sample of some of the work we have done in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Backyard Oasis
Terraced Garden
Apartment Landscape Design
Italian Garden Design
Vertical Garden
Japanese Garden Design
Formal Garden Design

The samples here are a variety of styles and solutions that create ideal outdoor living spaces. Listed below are brief descriptions of each project.

  • A modern garden design was employed to meet the homeowners urban eclectic style. With this project we transformed a backyard that had been too steep to be used into a multi-tiered outdoor oasis for family and friends to enjoy.

  • A Zen garden was created in an area that had been a cramped, overgrown backyard. The garden became a spiritual retreat as well as an homage to a loved one.
  • A backyard oasis that had been overgrown and unmanageable was transformed into a space where the homeowners could find healing communion with nature.
  • An apartment complex had an outdoor living space used by a small community of people that was badly in need of renovation. We created a safe, secure environment that was also aesthetically appealing to all the residents.
  • An Italian garden design was created to provide style without stiffness. An unkempt yard was transformed into an environment with Old World sensibility and modern day luxuries.
  • A terraced garden was created in what had been steep hillside yard with hard-to-use soil. The end product was well designed, family-friendly outdoor living room that was an extension of the client's home.
  • A Japanese garden design transformed an untended yard into a space for spiritual contemplation. The transformation seamlessly blurred the lines between home and garden.
  • A formal garden design was employed to rebuild gardens which had been torn apart during a foundation retrofitting project. We created a beautiful garden that elegantly complemented the architecture of the classic Mediterranean residence.
  • A steeply sloping front yard garden needed to be made usable for a family with children who desired outdoor play areas. We created a functional, stylish, and fun outdoor living space.
  • A landscaping project created in phases to renovate a garden for a client with a limited budget.
  • A space that was about water and sky in which we maximized those elements when thinking about the overall aesthetic of the project.

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