Wooden Arbors

Wooden arbors are arches on which plants can grow. But, they can be much more than that. They can also create outdoor rooms, which give a sense of drama and mystery to a property. These garden features invite friends and family to draw near and linger longer in a garden. They can be old-fashioned or modern, painted or unpainted. These garden features may be subtle design accents or dynamic focal points for an outdoor living spaces. When set in fences, hedges, or walls, they can create passageways within yards or serve as formal entrances. However, they can also be stand-alone structures that add height and elegance to the design of a landscape.


If you choose to build one of these features yourself, you will find a multitude of kits online as well as in most home and garden centers. However, before you begin building or even shopping for a kit, determine your needs. Here are some points to consider:


  • What style is going to suit your home and garden? Modern? Rustic? Traditional? Cottage? Or, something else?


  • What kinds of materials do your want to use? Lumber? Twigs and branches? Or, even metal? Do you intended to leave it naked, or will the structure be painted?


  • What function will this garden feature serve? Will this be the entrance to the garden? Will it serve as a dynamic transition from one outdoor room to another? Will it be an accent, or will it highlight an overlooked area? Or, will it be a garden destination?

Once you have clearly identified the function the structure will serve, and the material you will need, you are ready to install your new garden feature. Any homeowner with a little carpentry knowledge and basic tools will be able to build one.


However, if you do not have the time or the inclination, we design and build wooden arbors that will suit your outdoor living space. Whether serving as a gate, or as a destination for midday relaxation in dappled shade, one of our arbors will add beauty and dynamism to your garden.


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