Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains are visually dynamic garden water features that will invite friends and family to enjoy your private oasis. Whether you opt for a traditional outdoor concrete fountain or a pump that just breaks the surface, these landscape additions are irresistibly attractive to the senses.


When set in to a garden pond, a yard fountain can be more than just an aesthetically appealing element. It becomes a valuable asset because it oxygenates water, which is vital for the survival of fish and pond plants. The more this feature churns the water, the more the pond water is being imbued with life-giving oxygen.


If you are installing this feature yourself, you will find that most come with a variety of fountainheads. These can be set up directly in water or fitted into decorative statues. If you know what spray pattern you want, it would be ideal to purchase the statue first and then find a pump with the capacity to work with the height of the statue. Remember that when the fountainhead is installed beneath the statue you will have to take into account the height of the statue when calculating the desired height and flow pattern you are seeking.

Flow Patterns

  • The jet flow pattern is an inexpensive way to get a vertical stream of water that will add visual appeal and much needed oxygen to a garden pond.


  • The geyser flow pattern gives you an active, erratic spray of water that is ideal for breezy open areas.


  • The single spray nozzle creates an visually exciting effect, while also effectively aerating a pond.


  • The Bell jet’s low, structured flow is ideal for small ponds and more formal settings.

If you want a garden water feature, but don’t want to do it yourself, we can create it for you. Whether you choose a fountain that spills, sprays, bubbles, splashes, or pours out of a wall, we can design and install the feature that is just right for you.

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