Garden Ponds

Garden ponds bring magic and mystery to a landscape. When adding one of these garden features, you first must decide if you want a formal design with a hard landscaped edge, an above ground pond, or an informal design that blends into the natural surroundings with your property. You will also want to consider your long-term horticultural plans and the aesthetic focus of your garden, because a pond is going to be in your garden a substantial length of time.

If you decide to install a formal pond yourself, there are a few things to consider before jumping right in. First of all, before purchasing materials and doing your installation, be sure that you mark out the area of this water feature and then sit with your design for a week or two. This will give you and your family an opportunity to decide if the size of this new addition to your yard will be a boon or a hindrance to the enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Once you feel comfortable with your layout, be sure that you choose a rigid liner that is going to have a substantially long life. It’s best to look for fiberglass pond liners. There are cheaper products that last a few years, but we recommend that you invest in something that is guaranteed to last at least twenty-five years. Also, be sure that the liner you choose has a substantial lip, and that it has no cracks or other defects that will create headaches after installation.  

For limited spaces, you can still have a miniature outdoor water feature including pond plants if you use a container. These can be consructed using old tubs, sunken troughs, cisterns, tanks, casks, and other similar items. These can be installed in constricted areas that need an infusion of life that only a water feature can give.

If you want to add any type of garden pond, but don’t have the time or resources to do the work yourself, we can design and install a one of these water features that will perfectly suit your outdoor living space.

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