Originally native to South Africa and Madagascar, Crassula is a very large genus of succulent plants. Within this family is an extensive array of species, as well as hundreds of hybrids and cultivars. Because they tend to be hardy, these plants are often fixtures of xeriscapes: water conserving gardens. In addition to many subspecies being drought tolerant, they are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some varieties grow to be large shrubs, while others top out at an inch in height, which makes these plants ideal for garden areas that need low-growing or mid-sized flora. Crassula can compliment just about any outdoor living space no matter the size or design aesthetic. 

Popular Varieties 

  • C. arborescens, which are often referred to as silver jade plants, have flat, colorful, oval leaves and produce clusters of pink flowers.


  • C. coccinea produces pointed yellow leaves, which change to red. In addition, this vareity blooms with masses of pale-yellow flowers.


  • C. falcate has bladelike leaves that overlap along the stems, and produces a stunning crimson bloom in autumn.


  • C. multicava is a ground-covering plant that can thrive in sunless areas of a yard. This variety produces small, green oval leaves, and in spring blooms with white star-like flowers.


  • C. ovata are small trees with silver-dollar sized leaves very common to Southwestern area of the US. Better known as jade plants, this variety grows leaves that can be green, yellow, and red. In the spring or winter these plants will produce star shaped clusters of flowers.


  • C. perforata, which can be thrive indoors, in containers, or in the ground grows stacked leaves. In the spring, pale yellow flowers will bloom from this variety.


  • C. pubescens produces green oval leaves that turn to red when exposed to direct sunlight. In the spring, pale yellow flowers will bloom from this variety.


  • C. tetragona produces long, slender pointed leaves which adds to its resemblance to a tiny pine tree. Late spring is when this variety will produce clusters of yellow flowers.



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